Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mind mapping SCRUM process

I recently got a request for conducting a SCRUM training from one of the teams in our account. To try something new this time, as compared to the monotonous presentation using Powerpoint, I decided to use a mind map for outlining the points to be covered in the presentation.

One drawback I have seen with presentations is that they sit either in your mailbox or some folder in your machine, and pretty much never get updated. Also when one needs to refer it it few months/years later, it is very difficult to locate them unless you are pretty organized.

A mind map hosted online does not have these issues. It can be shared, re-used, updated using collaborative features and can provide a platform for discussion based on the social features.

I started with evaluating a few freely available Mind Mapping solutions available on the internet and seemed to like the below two
Which ones you follow depends on your personal taste. I preferred the more cleaner Mind42, but will give WiseMapping a try too, just to compare the features in detail.

Update - 2 July 2014 - After evaluating both Mind42 and WiseMapping for the same mind map I found WiseMapping more catering towards my aesthetic sense and logical visualization.

Well in any case coming to the SCRUM mind map that was created, the same is available at SCRUM Mind Map - Hemen Kapadia @ WiseMapping

Attaching the same in iframe too

Enjoy !! And do not forget to add you comments.

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